Vision, goals, facts

Vision statement

We strive to make direct selling generally recognised and respected as one of the best methods of selling goods and services to customers.



The AOP’s key goals include setting clear rules for direct selling, defending these rules, checking AOP members’ and potential members’ compliance with these rules, and implementing related consumer protection against unfair business practices.

We advocate the highest ethical standards and customer services in direct selling at all levels of our work.


Key facts

  • The Czech Direct Selling Association is a recognised institution for direct selling companies in the Czech Republic.
  • We provide information about direct selling methods and support systematic exchange of experience between members about specific direct selling issues.
  • We explain the specifics of direct selling to the professional and lay public, the existence, forms and economic significance of direct selling and its advantages for consumers and independent sales representatives.
  • We protect the interests of consumers and AOP members.
  • We represent our members in relation to state authorities, mainly in discussions over new legislation.
  • We ensure that member companies uphold the Code of Conduct and valid legislation.
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