Seller Information & Benefits

Seller Information & Benefits

Direct selling can be conducted from home or any other place. Direct selling can begin as a part-time job conducted in parallel to employment but it can further evolve into full-time work, etc. It is a unique alternative to regular employment.


Benefits to the independent direct sellers:

  • Running their own business with low initial investment
  • Doing business as their secondary job
  • Supporting women in business (almost 80% of all direct sellers in the Czech Republic are women)
  • Time flexibility – adapting your work schedule to your needs
  • Specialized professional-level courses and training offered by member companies
  • A wide range of high-quality products
  • Social contact and personal recognition
  • Remuneration linked to performance


Independent direct sellers

Direct selling is an increasingly popular way of having an independent part- or full-time job and as such it contributes every year to the Czech economy.

Why become an independent direct seller?

  • A chance to earn flexible income linked to performance
  • Full-time work
  • Part-time work
  • Own consumption + casual selling
  • Meeting short-term objectives
  • Flexibility and independence, flexible working hours, work from home





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