Importance and Functions


Key Functions of the Code of Conduct

The Code is aimed at achieving the satisfaction and protection of consumers, the promotion of fair competition in the framework of free enterprise, and the enhancement of the public image of direst selling.

  • It strengthens standards in terms of consumer protection and transparency vis-à-vis direct sellers.
  • It updates these provisions in the light of digital development.
  • The Code stipulates that all direct sellers familiarize themselves with the Code as a precondition of their membership in the distribution systems of companies.
  • The Code stipulates that direct sellers be provided with relevant education and training courses that enable them to work ethically.
  • The Code stipulates that regular accounts of sales, purchases, income, commissions, bonuses, discounts, supplies, cancelled orders and other relevant data be submitted as agreed.
  • The Code stipulates truthfulness and openness in all advertising.
  • The Code prohibits inadequate investment.


The Czech Direct Selling Association adopted a new amended wording of its Code of Conduct in October 2021 aiming at achieving consumer satisfaction and protection, promotion of fair competition in the framework of free enterprise, and enhancement of the public image of direct selling, which is to sell quality products on fair terms and conditions to consumers.

Every AOP member company pledges to abide by the Code as a condition of admission and continuing membership in AOP. Every AOP member company shall be required to promote to the public its affiliation to AOP, the Code and the European Codes of Conducts.