• Direct selling is a dynamic, reliable distribution channel offering high-quality products and customised services.
  • Direct selling is a method of retail sales and direct sales of goods and services to customers that takes place in their homes or any other site other than a permanent retail establishment.
  • Direct selling is typically conducted face-to-face, in person, at a venue where products are demonstrated: either to an individual or a group (house party).
  • Direct selling is a model that works – it has always adapted to market and demographic changes without losing sight of its character.


Direct selling is adapting to the digital retail space as many sellers have decided to sell products online while preserving the core direct selling value: a personal connection enabling consumers to acquire the best products and services. That is why our industry is so unique. It has remained relevant and continues to grow despite strong competition.

Almost 340,000 people are involved in direct selling in the Czech Republic. It is a lively and growing industry offering flexible income opportunities for everyone irrespective of their age, culture, gender, education, etc.

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